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A Plan

So we recently took a look at our jumping off point for our newest #Mistake, but like any Type A personality, I have a plan and I have a lot of spreadsheets. While this block has wonderful neighbors who have been nothing but curious and excited about a remodel, the neighborhood itself has a storied past which I want to briefly dive into. Then I promise I will show you all the cool stuff we have planned!

In the historic Fifth Ward, there are FIVE churches standing to this day that are over a hundred years old, one of which was founded in 1865 by a former slave. A hugely destructive fire in 1912, I-10 dividing the community when it was built, lack of services (municipal services like sewers) even into the 80's and lack of resources like libraries and doctor's offices, has given over to a negative characterization of the Fifth Ward. Many residents have struggled with poverty and generational inheritance of these issues. It's one of the oldest neighborhoods in Houston, but the people who live here have had to fight for basic investments from the City.

This yard has a gorgeous old tree that I think a kid would love to climb. The house has amazing light and tons of room for Mom & Dad. My hope for the person buying this house is they can get ready in a bathroom with lots of storage, enjoy breakfast together with their family in a kitchen they're excited to cook in, walk their kids to and from school, and wave to their neighbors who they know well from the front porch of a house that's beautiful and secure for a price point that is not out of reach.

When I watch the parents picking up their kids from school, I see families who love each other, neighbors who know and support each other. This project has resonated with me in a way that none of my other projects have. I want to invest in this area - this area is worth investing in.

Extremely climb-able.

View from the front door and a sneak peek of demo.

We are moving the kitchen to the main living space so there's a little more of an open concept feeling. It eliminates a dining room, so the fix is a nice big storage bench in the kitchen.

We are also creating a pantry in the space that's currently a utility room and changing up the washer/dryer area to accommodate a stacked unit that opens to the hallway.

The idea with this is to keep it neutral and add something eye catching so when you walk in your front door you've got this great moment with good looking materials where you can easily insert your own furniture.

The hall right now is a little dark and narrow, but since we are adding the utility to this area we want to brighten it up and make it feel a little more decorative, whether we repeat shiplap as a concept or add a neutral metallic grasscloth paper to warm it up but keep it light.

Our existing bathroom had some... drawbacks. So we are going to gut it, add a new tub and re-tile it with white and either green or blue tile stripes on the floor and in the tub area like this dreamy bathroom inspiration.

A nice white vanity - some really cute sconces and a fun bubble fixture for some extra glam. As @samir says, it's never been a better time in history to be a round mirror.

Kitchen area - to be changed to master bath & closet!

Formerly the kitchen space - we are gutting and creating a master suite with a walk in closet, a shower, double vanity and a linen cabinet - a second bathroom I think is going to really help this feel like a family home.

In this space we're going to use real marble, and replace the vanity hardware with something that looks a little more luxe. I like to think of the vanity hardware as jewelry. In that same vein, the light fixtures have these amazing facets, and as we roll with the changes we've already made now that the process has begun, we might want to opt for a wall sconce instead of a flushmount over the sink.

So that's the plan! Stay tuned for demo, it's a hot mess.


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