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Bathroom Complete

So after many days and nights together living with my parents (they are great, but my hot fiance is also a saint) we were on the up and up - here's the last stages of completion & a little about our picks.

Tub tile is in

Floor & wall tile in!

The emptiest this will ever be

Made some sick labels

It literally never looks like this

This never ever looks this organized.

Shout out to Tamara for our cute lil plant! Derek got me the butt vase for my birthday.

Why yes that is a weird outline where our bath mat lives.

Part of the reason I like unsealed terracotta and part of the reason you might hate it is because it's incredibly porous. It will patina unevenly, and one day it will be evenly weird (see the photo of the shower fixtures). In the meantime, there are little ghosts where the scale and bath mat live.

We are in the process of getting shower glass - likely between toilet and shower, and next stage will likely be a shower curtain rod that is ceiling suspended. I'm hoping to get a metal mesh curtain to curtail water splash (it likely will not totally prevent).

Something like this:

Look I realize huge 6" wooden balls and terracotta with mixed marbles is not everyone's bag but there are some factors here that allow us to do what we want. Foremost is that we will likely end up selling this house for lot value in the future. That's to say - we were able to acquire it inexpensively, the renovation we do to this house will be for our benefit, and when we need to sell it in 5 years, we will need to be sure we didn't invest more into the house than it's worth.

So we chose terracotta tile at $4/sqft with accents of more expensive finishes, we chose a tub that's the maximum size but not branded and without features (it's acrylic so it doesn't retain heat as well as an iron tub might) and lighting we purchased on clearance/closeout. Rather than mirror the vanity wall entirely, we chose to buy mirrors and forego the original paneling. We spent $50 on amazon for the hardware.

To conserve space, we pocketed the door on what would normally be the plumbing wall and rather than put a wall between the tub and toilet, we pivoted and centered our plumbing on the wall. It's not ideal, but sometimes the solutions you have in a renovation are just the best of some imperfect choices.

It's also important to remember who you're designing for. I'm a neutrals, texture & contrast person, Derek loves color. It's fun and interesting incorporating his style and preferences, which, to me, is key to good design. It's fun to be a little out there! I like a clean grey & white marble bathroom as well as the next person, but sometimes it's nice to get a little spicy.


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