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Bathroom Renovation

There's a very special hell that's sharing a bathroom with your partner. Since I am atypically lucky in the partner department, it hasn't been too bad for me, but since I also have IBS... I might be the problem. This is why we decided to tear out our toilet and go live with my parents (yes, I'm very lucky).

This is what we are working with - basically no storage, linoleum, and the world's shallowest bathtub.

Really - is it a tub or is it a pothole? Also our toilet was, ah, well used and needed a toilet lid replacement. I requested slow close and left the details up to D and he really came through with a champ. I'm a little sad to see it go if I'm being honest.

Also you can't tell but the doorway to this bathroom that is approximately 6x6 is 36". That's half the fucking bathroom. Since the toilet and the vanity take up half of that space, there is a 100% chance this door, if opened while someone is in the bathroom, will hit your whole body.

Here's the plan: we are going to take the closet from the guest bedroom. Don't worry! This house is extremely dismal! The rooms are not unlike a prison in that windows are minimal so if we ever need to add a closet back for resale, we have plenty of walls to choose from.

The existing closet will be one continuous vanity and the tub will shift and get WAY bigger. Toilet will also move to the opposite wall and best of all - big, big window. Oh! And my 36" door turns into a 30" pocket door.

I know I used to list each item individually and when I was young my mind was a beautiful list-making machine but now I am old and I can't keep it all in my head like that, so after a few iterations, this is my inspiration board:

It's changed a bit from early planning but my inspiration came from Proper in Austin (where we stayed when it became clear we were not going to be leaving for an anniversary trip), and the saltillo tile we put on the front porch at Kismet. Weirdly ended up being my favorite tile in the house? And I am just about done with a white marble bathroom - they're pretty but I need some funk.

Stay tuned for next phases!


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