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Bathroom ReNOvation: A Shitty Place?

It's hard to decide what's worse - a shitty bathroom or a bathroom you can't shit in.

You decide. Here's the before:

I guess it technically works? Really fun to share this sacred space with a man who you are trying to convince to marry you.

Every good bathroom has to get worse before it gets better. A cliche posing as sage wisdom is going to get a pass here because looking at these photos causes me physical pain, but don't take my word for it -

Fun fact - the subfloor had to be replaced because the grade under the house is poor and the subfloor was gooey. For 4 nights there was a cool raccoon-sized hole in our house!

We expanded into the closet in the guest bedroom, this was the last day we had a toilet. We tried to sleep here the next night when the toilet was gone, but I had run out of my IBS vitamins.

This is the guest bedroom - yes the closet had two idiotically small doors. Utility wasn't a priority when this house was built I guess?

The end of that story is absolutely not that I had to poo in the yard, so don't worry. This is plumbing.

Here it is turning around. Look at that window: hubba hubba. Faces have been obscured to protect the innocent.

Shit is (now) happening (indoors). Now that you've seen the down, next post you'll see the up and the finished product. Next week, though, get excited for more unpopular wedding opinions.


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