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Future Mistake: Kitchen

The next phase of our home renovation will be in the kitchen. While we were working on the bathroom, we made some changes in the kitchen, closing in an alcove where our refrigerator used to live and adding a pocket door to our utility room (previously an absolutely enormous swinging door in the dead middle of our kitchen).

Peep that good lookin man sitting in front of a 36" door to our washer/dryer space. If I ever did laundry, that would be inconvenient.

I don't cook, I don't clean, but let me tell you I got this ring.

This is our original super fun vibrantly aesthetic setup

We took the refrigerator out before it was too late and popped a pocket door on both doorways. Now a pantry lives here!

Since the kitchen right now is cluttered and half our cabinets have fallen apart (two drawers at this point have left the building and some of the doors are more "placed" not "hinged"), we wanted to create a space that has a lot of storage so we don't have crap on the countertops all the time. We have visions of a little bar since drinking indoors is a hobby of ours, and would love to display the art we have in stacks around our house that need to be framed.

As a side note - if you're looking for a framer in Houston (this is not an ad just a good tip), Davis Hardware is so wonderful. Family-owned, everyone that works there is helpful with a great eye for detail. Shoutout to my girl Karry Mader who is one of my favorite living people. Tell them I sent you and they'll treat you like family (but they'll do that anyway).

You can see in this photo one of our drawers has crossed the rainbow bridge, another has since made that same journey.

Our potential new layout - the obvious drawbacks are the skinny set of drawers as a result of refusing to live without a dishwasher.

While working on the Kismet renovation, I fell in love with this great ribbed purple/gray tile and because Derek loves a goldenrod accent, I was thinking why not do a super beautiful pale purple in that room and keep it luxe? We were inspired by the rooms at Maison De La Luz in New Orleans, that are also a very subtle color. We got in late and when we woke up in the morning, we realized it's not a white room.

Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson

Here's the tile installed where we got the color inspiration:

I love this stile detail on the cabinets (the divider that's pulled forward on each box), but I think for our kitchen we are going to keep it simple and keep all the cabinet faces slab (meaning just flat) because I'm toying with the idea of going wild with hardware:

Photo by Sharyn Cairns

We've looked at a few great shades of lavender, I'm hoping for a bluey-gray toned purple and I don't think I've nailed down the exact shade quite yet. I think that's something we'll get serious about when we are actually able to start.

At this point, I am not holding my breath that any of the appliances from 1977 will be feasibly useful to me over the next 2 years, so the next big $ is going to be appliances. I don't use them, but I've got preferences...

Having dreams about matching stainless appliances...

Can I also just say how much I absolutely detest curved handles?

A bird's eye view of the layout

We only have space for one teeny window, and a lot of tile (since I don't have children, I can forego some practicality for now), I want to add a slider to the backyard to amplify some of our natural light. We face North/South so it will never be amazing, but trying to get more glass in there isn't going to break my heart.

This is kind of the general feeling:

For the vent hood I think we want to make it poppy since everything else will be pretty monochrome - walls, trim, cabinets will all be a shade of almost-purple. Since we opted for stain grade wood in the bathroom, I want to do something similar on the hood. I love these circular cuts with mirror backer. We both love subtly 70's so it works perfect for us.

This table from CB2 that's just a simple white lacquer with a curved detail is incredibly sexy. I want to raise it to counter height so we have another workspace since we don't have a ton of counter space. That means instead of dining chairs we'll have counter stools. Maybe you know this - a standard dining table height is 30" but a countertop height is 36" which is the height you're used to cutting vegetables (or, if you're like me, taking the lids off of leftovers).

We're going to take our existing bar table that's holding our TV right now (fingers crossed for we can figure out a wall mount) and we found a sick vintage Tibetan tiger rug from the big antique store on 19th which will hopefully stay in the kitchen to contrast with our subtle purple.

The lighting is Arteriors & Regina Andrew - two lights I have fallen absolutely head over heels in love with. I already have the pendant for over the sink. Some have said death star, but I'm seeing one of these:

The other fixture is called the molten spider and I saw it installed once and absolutely lost my mind. Trim & lighting make me weak.

That's what I've got for you! Stay tuned, I owe you some posts (shitposts?) about Unpopular Wedding Opinions. I've covered a lot of ground and I have a huge amount of content. I also have a huge exciting thrilling amazing project in the works! It's a big mistake! Why have I taken this on Etc.! You may also see some guest content in the near future. Now that we're open, we're workin, baby.


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