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Mistake In Progress

Great news! Since deciding to make this my full-time gig, we've found a dreamy project that's a true diamond in the rough with the help of our very hard working realtor (shoutout to Casey Dewees - the real MVP and the hardest working fellow in real estate). It smells like mildew and is the final resting place of the world's largest spider (its butt fell off so I'm hoping it's not fixing to grow back), but there's just something about it...

Actual footage of Casey looking for a project for us.

My business partner, friend and dream girl Summer saw it and felt the way I did when I stood on the porch at 2:45p and watched families walk home from the elementary school nearby with their littles: this place could really be something! I'm lucky to know people in the business who know what they're doing and trust that I've made enough mistakes to know how to avoid some of the pitfalls. Get excited for a guest blog from the light of my life herself, and our partnership that now gets a hot title. Starting a business with someone is basically the most intimate thing you can do besides marry them.

A fence around the property gives it some mystery.

A rotten deck and wheelchair ramp compliment the crooked bars on the windows and two pronged porch light. The height of "have I made a mistake" chic.

The front room features popcorn ceilings, a fan with dubious capabilities, really screwed up floors (1 of 4 varieties found in the home!) and a bonus pool table.

1/4 Felt crusty, might delete later.

2/4 What exactly were we going for here?

3/4 This floor offends me way less than the walls - this one will eventually be the master (stay tuned for that transformation it's a doozy)

4/4 - Chocolate laminate (in this room only)... it was initially difficult to see due to the absolutely filthy fan (was it on fire at some point? who's to say?)

5/4* bonus floor (not a floor) just a closet with subfloor. The dark spot, as far as I can tell, is not water damage but residue left by whoever installed the tile in this room.

The one and only bathroom (a problem we are committed to solving), with a giant empty space (naked dancing space?) and a medicine cabinet mirror helpfully not by the sink so you don't have to look into your own eyes as you ignore the paint peeling off the tile around the tub (???).

Note the towel bar in the tub area - this is not to help someone rise from the extremely low tub because it will break in half with almost no effort, this is for you to hang your towel directly into your bath water and cover up your unsightly soap. The vanity light is artfully centered to nothing. So chic that I don't get it.

The saving grace of the whole project is that the kitchen doesn't actually suck. It's huge!

I'm thrilled to announce that the kitchen will be moving on to a better place where it's more qualified to be, and we'll get a whole new bathroom out of that area (and master suite, and walk-in closet).

I'm ready to kiss this on the mouth and give it the breath of life. Will remove spider butts first. Stay tuned - next blog will detail all the stuff we are going to do to this treasure troll!


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