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New Mistakes in Progress

I know it's been a little while so I'll take a moment to update you a little personally: since selling my first mistake, I've met so many new people and I have to tell you I do not care for it. So I'm getting back on the (work)horse so to speak with a new fatal mistake that is probably a terrible idea, mostly so I don't have any free time to speak to others anymore. Will I ever get married? Probably not but that's not this blog and you're just here for pics.

Here she is! She's called Kismet ♡

It's sort of midcentury modern adjacent, as though it was taken strongly into consideration and then someone opted out in the 11th hour. This is an unusual side of town for something this interesting - lots of ranch houses and new construction but this one has the potential to have a ton of character. However, on the same street there is an almost identical house so some architect in 1960 really got his money's worth out of this floorplan.

Only one family has ever lived here, it was built by an engineer and his wife - they even still have the original blue prints (yes real ones!). They... went to a retirement home... More light theories on that later.

You might be able to see we're 3/4 of the way to awesome but got arrested near limp and beige. This house's mother was a probably a ranch house and was no longer going to pay for him to be alternative so he had to get a job at the family ranch house business but underneath it all he's really cool and now that he's an adult he needs his midcentury crisis. Is this house a thinly veiled metaphor for men I am attracted to? In any case, it's been neutered and needs me (all my mistakes are starting to look the same...)

Someone got a drone for Christmas.

The roof is actually fairly new, it just needs some light fixes and maybe a power wash so don't be fooled. Windows all need to be replaced and a lot of this siding is going to need some TLC, especially in the garage.

Speaking of the garage, we have arrived at the paranormal portion of this post: arguably the best part of any post of any variety.  Feel free to weigh in but these look like some floating ass ghost orbs to me and let me tell you I am HERE FOR IT.

The lights flickered a little when I went in the garage. Is it because the service to the house is a 150? COULD BE. However I did not hesitate to yell into the garage to Grandma and Grandpa they're welcome to hang around as long as they embrace the positive change. Also don't ask me what a service is I absolutely do not know. I know that the service, according to several knowledgable men (and also my mom) is supposed to be 200 or greater. Funny story actually - the service on the previous mistake was a big fat 8.


See? I learn from some of my mistakes.


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