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Open for Business

I have exciting news that scares me a little to share with you - You can now officially hire me for your remodel and design needs!

Here's a preview of my personal kitchen renovation to be!

I learned from my very good friend and mentor that good design is helping people elevate their own style and inform their own spaces. If I’m being honest, I’ve been putting off this post because putting yourself out there is scary, but we’ve had two solid years of fear and doubt and I’m ready to grow.

So as of today - You need to redo your bathroom? I can do that. You want a new look for your office? Let’s get professional. Ready to refurnish your living room? Let’s dream about what you really want and how you want it to work. Did you buy a new house with good bones but you need it to feel more authentically you? Let’s make it yours.

Every consultation is free, and we’ll work out the scope of what you need together. If the scope grows, we will too. And can I just say, I’m so excited to work with you.

We are also working on another huge mistake, this time with friends and partners (you'll meet them soon - hoping to have some blog posts from them in the near future), so stay tuned here for what’s going to be an exciting glow up to this space (and physical spaces). Here’s to 2022!

To contact me, send me a message on the website form and I will reach out to you!


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