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The Year(s) Behind - Personal Post

Because I really don't enjoy free time, this past year I also threw a very cool baby shower, decorated Christmas trees, left a job and started a job, said goodbye to some beloved cats, fostered 4 kittens (and rescued several possums), moved, met a perfect human man, got engaged, bought a house with him, fumigated that house, and now we are planning a wedding and remodeling our home because one thing for me is not enough, and neither are two to seven. Good thing he is very patient.

Here's how he proposed (at the recently defunct River Oaks Theater where we made out in the bathroom on our first date):

Since then we've had a freeze, we've had some political turnover & important movements, we've dealt with the COVID state of the world, we've had a few good friends get married, a few good friends find out babies are on the way & see those babies come into the world. It's hard to sum up the last two years but they have been wonderful and terrible but since this is my blog here's a brief timeline of highlights, I'm sorry so little of it included blogging about a renovation:

May 2019 - Went to Karaoke, saw someone perform It's All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion; it was life-changing

June 2019 - A baby asked Derek since he was strong, could he fly?

October 2019 - Friends got married

November 2019 - turned 30

December 2019 - Christmas; cried a lot about how cool life was

February 2020 - Visited New Orleans for Derek's Birthday

March 2020 - Quarantine begins

April 2020 - 1 Year Anniversary & I moved into a real fixer-upper

June 2020 - Caught Diane (took 2 possum traps, trapping a possum, and like 7 whole days of work), unspiced her

July 2020 - Said goodbye to Bob

August 2020 - Bought our house; Threw a baby shower

September 2020 - Said goodbye to Scabby; fostered Bebop

November 2020 - My Birthday; our friends got married

December 2020 - Got engaged; fostered Judy & adopted her out to friends

January 2021 - Said goodbye to Panda; started a new job

February 2021 - Visited New Orleans to choose a venue, Birthdays of my two favorite people

March 2021 - Started our bathroom renovation; sent out our Save the Dates

April 2021 - Saved a baby possum, got our final covid shots

May - Visited New Orleans with my parents to see the venue; Derek's parents threw a beautiful engagement party for us to kick off wedding season

June - Foster Lottie came to us, very cute and extremely bitey

July - Visited the town where I grew up in Minneapolis; sang a lot & cried a lot; met baby Simone

August-Present - Wedding planning - more on that soon!

And that's me caught up!


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