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Transformation SaTURDay

The fastest turn around yet - it's been a whirlwind! I will get around to posting about the wedding, but take a look at some before/after of our newest project.

Something about bars on the door and rotting posts just screams fix me. Important to remember this is a red flag in your dating life. Dump him and get you a renovation to keep you warm at night.


You can hire me - isn't that cool? Shameless plug...


Came w a real handy pool table.

Here's the pool table doubling as a workbench.


This room is one of my favorite transformations. We moved the kitchen to the front of the house and swagged the light to be centered in the kitchen window, and there's a ton of space for a bench and a big table for breakfast, open to the living room. We moved the door so mom can carry in groceries and used this amazing zellige shimmery tile for the splash.

There is also a FULL PANTRY and I have to tell you it is my favorite room in the house:

I could stand in this room all day. Deep shelves for a microwave and a well placed plug, and plenty of room for every snack, every costco sized box of goldfish, and all your weird XL gumbo pots and kitchen gadgets.

The bedrooms were having a hard time before:

The floors were actually kind of fine except that there were like 10 different varieties. A real buffet of flooring.

Had to scrape out tile (??). Different tile from the other 3 kinds of tile on the floor.


Much better. Also swapped out those yellow outlets, but it happened after picture day.

The middle bathroom used to be the only bathroom:

My #1 favorite thing was the medicine cabinet in the middle of the wall. Avant Garde. You wouldn't get it (I still don't).


We got a super cool terrazzo-style hex for the floor and zhuzh'd up the subway tile in the shower with a colored stripe. New vanity and chrome sconces. Photo doesn't show the absolutely darling bubble fixture in here - and we do have a mirror! It just came the day after photos. What can you do?

Here's the light fixture - so cute I could eat it...

But I think the biggest transformation was creating a master with an en suite bathroom and walk in closet.


This was a whole ass kitchen.

Tile floor - different from the vinyl floor in the kitchen, or the tile in the bathroom and other bedroom. Or the vinyl wood floor in the other bedroom. Or the vinyl in the living room. Just because you can't decide does NOT mean you should use one of each.


I have put on Natalie Cole "This Will Be." I'm in a Land's End beige knit turtleneck, and it's starting to rain, and Jack Nicholson is trying to get up the courage to call me on my land line. I pour myself some white wine and cuddle into a chair and a half, with a knowing little smile on my face. I live here, in all my Coastal Grandmother Glory. Don't you want to? Schedule a showing!

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18 juin 2022

Wonderful transformations, Jackie.

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